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Enrichment Curriculum

As a leading International IB Academy‭, ‬we have created a bespoke Enrichment Curriculum that is used to support our students during their time with us and in their journey beyond GEMS World Academy‭. ‬

Early Years - Nursery - KG2

Much of the focus of the‭ ‬Early Years ‬Enrichment Curriculum is on developing good language skills‭ , ‬gross motor skills and imaginative play‭. Physical activity‭, ‬songs‭, ‬and basic reading will all help to develop oral language skills‭. ‬A range of fine motor activities are used to develop and strengthen pencil grip‭.  ‬Reading clubs expose our‭ ‬‘minis’‭ ‬to a range of books‭, ‬they can begin to practice comprehension strategies such as connecting to previous experiences and visualising as the teacher reads a variety of texts aloud‭. ‬They also explore rhythm and use a small number of instruments‭. ‬We aim to provide a strong foundation so the focus is on the child’s experience and developing links between these experiences and the world around them‭. ‬

PYP - Grade 1-5

We aim to ignite a flame and develop a passion for new learning and opportunities. There is a wider range of opportunities available to students at this age including some areas outside the traditional curriculum to explore and learn new skills. There’s plenty of creative and fun activities that not only instils a healthy approach to life but also allows each student to make the most of their talents and potential. From Choir and Drama clubs, Coding to Swimming programmes we broaden the range of clubs to enable their exploration. 

MYP - Grade 6-10

Our MYP program offers for the cohort is tailored to meet the development needs of our students. Fundamentally it is designed to support their academic curriculum and learning needs but also provide the best environment and opportunities for students to extend upon previous learning, interests and talents. Students have access to trained staff beyond the Academy; examples include drone design workshops, Dance, Photography and Coding. Clubs are differentiated to stretch and challenge our students, whatever their ability. Sports and Swimming develop students’ confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimuli, and expose them to teamwork and leadership opportunities.

DP -  Grade 11 & 12

For students in Grade 11 & 12, we understand that this is a dynamic and exciting time for them. We want to provide opportunities during these final years that students can make the most of before moving onto higher education, travel or work. We run a comprehensive range of academic support clubs for Maths, Business and Science which includes support for upcoming internal assessments. Alongside our offering of Drama, Music, Dance, Sports and Swimming we offer workshops in personal finance, interview skills and digital citizenship. There are numerous volunteering and CAS opportunities to supports students to broaden their areas of interest and make strategic links to support the next stage of their journey.

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