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The Dubai Affiliated School Sport Association (DASSA) is the largest and longest running school sports association in the UAE. Fully inclusive and open to all schools in Dubai, the DASSA leagues and competitions give students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to represent their school and showcase their talents in a structured and safe sporting environment. 


With the return of school sport, DASSA aim is to create 'fixture weeks' between schools who enter their teams in the same leagues for all sports. They intend to match up such schools for both Girls & Boys Basketball with Girls & Boys Football so that schools are able to play in multiple fixtures against the same opposing school throughout a specific week. 

Each year GEMS World Academy - Dubai is involved in over 500 competitive sports fixtures.  We play competitive sporting fixtures such as; netball, football, basketball, volleyball and athletics within the Dubai Affiliated School Sport Association (DASSA).


DASSA oversees the effective implementation of school sport and allows opportunities for all affiliated schools and their students to compete in high quality, age appropriate & safe sporting events.


Girls’ netball and touch rugby for both boys and girls has begun to flourish within the Academy, and there have been notable successes in aquathon and swimming in recent years. Competitive football, basketball, swimming and athletics are very popular sports played at the Academy. 


The Dubai Affiliated School Sport Association (DASSA) orgainse the sports into blocks of seasons, each school has the option of entering teams into the competitive leagues for those sports. The sports are allocated to ensure the maximum sport can be played based on the seasonal temperatures. 

DASSA League Sport Overview


Our school uses the sports communication system, SOCS. This software is used worldwide and has already proved itself as highly successful for parents, staff and students for communicating details of fixtures, team sheets and clubs. SOCS is ideal for keeping everyone informed about what’s on, where and when. You can access our sports portal directly by visiting:


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