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Enrich Your Genius

The world is ever more complex, prone to change, and demanding. These complexities, changes and demands ask for citizens who are able to thrive and encounter this world with intelligence generosity, imagination and care.

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The education we provide needs to be tailored to these ends. Our broad and balanced academic taught curriculum is robust, and provides a secure and powerful base for such a young person’s citizenship. However, education can’t be fully realised by only adhering to such a curriculum. The character of each student needs to be developed, refined and growns that intangibles such as; courage, honesty, tenacity, cultural and other sensitivities are cultivated and encouraged.

In sports activities, for example, students will be given opportunities to refine their sporting prowess in various fields of sporting activity. They are able to develop and practice their interpersonal skills, and understand the excitement and disappointments of competition by answering challenges set both by others and, perhaps more importantly, themselves. Knowing how to gracefully win and lose, understanding fair play and team spirit, negotiation, leadership and grit can all be enhanced by being involved with sporting activities.

Our enrichment activities, including the afterschool and sporting activities, are therefore a very important part of the educational provision here at GEMS World Academy. What these activities are able to do is to invite our students to challenge themselves and pursue their enthusiasms and interests.

Cultural activities other than sports are also important. Outdoor exploration, involvement in culture and the arts are also enormously important for students, offering them opportunities to explore and engage with the excitement of ideas perhaps introduced to them within their arts, language, history or science lessons. Involvement in Drama Club, for example, gives students opportunities to test themselves and their creative and imaginative selves through empathy, imagined new perspectives, and questioning in safe but exciting spaces.


Again, for the fully rounded citizen of the future, the cultural capital these activities add to that knowledge already being accumulated via the taught curriculum is tremendously important. What GEMS World Academy students are encouraged to be are young people with a ‘can-do’ attitude and an insatiable curiosity to awaken new horizons. Our enrichment programme is designed to cater for all of our students and I hope to see everyone taking part.


Dr Rana


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