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Swimming at GEMS World Academy - Dubai is a platform from which our students discover, learn, enjoy and challenge themselves through developing consistency. Our mission statement ‘Education for a Better World’ is at the heart of our swimming programmes – we are passionate about developing resilience in our students, and the ability to be tenacious in their quest to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives. Throughout their time at the Academy, swimmers learn lifelong skills such as dedication, goal setting, time management and strategies to cope with both failure and success - all of which transfer to successful adult life. 


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Swimming Squads

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Students are encouraged to trial for the GWA Swimming squad if they have an interest in the sport and would like to represent the Academy at competitions. Furthermore, every student at GWA will be given the opportunity to compete in our 'inter-house' swimming competition. There are three levels that we cater for according to the swimmers' basic technique and skill. 


Development- Swimmers are expected to swim 25m front crawl and back stroke and will work on breast stroke timing and butterfly arms.  Swimmers should perform kneeling dive and start to work on standing dive.

Squad B- Swimmers are expected to swim 25m front crawl, 25m back stroke, 25m breast stroke with correct timing and can perform butterfly. Swimmers should know how to scull and enter by standing dive.

Squad A- Swimmers can swim 50m on all 4 strokes in this stage. They can also perform a standing dive, towing rescue and can do legal turns for all 4 strokes.

Swim Squad Schedule


Swim Coaches 

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If you can't find the answer to a question, please ask us and we'd be happy to provide you with an answer.

If I have an issue or want to discuss my

child's progress, who do I see? 

As a result of COVID restrictions, parents are not able to interact directly with coaches.  Any questions you may have relating to swimming please email to We can arrange a zoom call to discuss any questions with you directly, if required. 


A child progressing through our program should (on average) take between 2 and 3 terms at each level. The SPEED at which anyone progresses differs for everyone and is therefore based on a number of factors.  Siblings can often differ quite a bit the age at which they achieve benchmark competencies so it's best to try not to compare.  

Some initially learn quickly, then slow down, whilst others readiness may be a bit delayed, but then take off.  To do a great job teaching your child, is an investment in time.  You can facilitate this by giving them ample opportunities to have additional aquatic experiences.


The speed of learning is affected by:

  • age

  • flexibility

  • coordination

  • body awareness

  • readiness

  • fears / tension

  • frequency of practise

  • duration of practise

  • comprehension and ability to take instruction

  • distractibility

  • learning style

  • attitude or willingness to learn 

  • amount of additional aquatic activity





This is our simple 3 point guide:

1. SEAL - To test the fit you should firstly apply the goggle to the face without the strap in place and test the seal the goggle provides. It is a myth that tightening the strap will ensure your goggles give a good fit.

2. FIT - Once you have found a good seal you should fit the head-strap by careful adjustment. The goggle should sit comfortably around the nose and create a good seal. The seal around the corner of the eye should sit comfortably and not wrap too far around the corner of the eye.

3. STYLE - Check how you look in the mirror! We always recommend trying 2-3 different models, this will help you compare fit, comfort and will validate your purchase decision.

Goggles are a personal preference. It's not at all a brand or even a quality consideration.  Expensive brands are not necessarily the best.  You have to find the right shape to fit your eye socket. There are two things that will save you headache, redeye, and money. One, ask to try goggles on before you buy a pair. Second, without the strap on, place the lenses on your eyes and push them with your index fingers into your eye socket. If they create a suction and are almost hard to pull off even without a strap, they might well be YOUR goggles. If you have to strap goggles so hard you look like Mr. Potato Head, they will almost invariable pop off when you start and be uncomfortable in any practice longer than 15 meters.

My child doesn't seem to be progressing as fast as others, why? 

Selecting Goggles

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