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GEMS World Academy - Dubai firmly  believes in an all-round education where academic pursuits are supported by the wonderful Enrichment Opportunities Programme. Our wide ranging programme of; sports, activities, events and trips allow students to find alternative avenues of interest to explore and enjoy. By involving the students in this rich programme we hope that their enjoyment of Academy life, will be enhanced and that their personal skills will be developed.

Our Vision 


​To ensure that Enrichment Clubs are fun, exciting and an excellent way for our students to make friends and improve their wellbeing.


Self - Discovery

​To help to inspire curiosity and spirt of inquiry throughout the lives of all our students.


Wide Ranging

Focus on improvement and putting the students at the heart of everything we do and creating challenge.


IB & Genius Links

​To support the development of internationally minded students.

Enriching experiences for all ages

GEMS World Academy - Dubai has a comprehensive and active programme and the range of activities we provide means that whether your child is sporty, musical, dramatic, thoughtful, competitive, curious, caring or creative, there is something to inspire and enrich. All primary and secondary students are encouraged to find an activity they like, sign up and challenge themselves.

GEMS World Academy - Dubai is tremendously diverse in terms of the academic, cultural and sporting backgrounds of its children and families and we celebrate this diversity.

Our focus has been on providing a rich and engaging programme that is specific to the needs and ages of our students‭. ‬We have‭ ‬4‭ ‬curriculum sections‭; ‬MINIS‭, ‬EXPLORE‭, ‬EXTEND‭ & ‬EVOLVE‭ ‬‭ ‬that offer a number of opportunities that can focus on the development of students competence‭. It also enables us to meet Enrichment aims of‭ ‬Enjoyment‭, ‬Wide-Ranging‭, ‬Self Discovery and IB‭ & ‬Genius Links‭.‬


Our Enrichment Opportunities cover various areas including competitions, music, performing arts, sport and talks and presentations. Clubs take place on campus between 6:30 - 7:30am, both Primary and Secondary lunch-times and after school from3:15pm – 4:15pm. Our internal Enrichments are taught by GWA teachers and are free of charge *some fees may apply for club competitions eg. Science Olympiad.

Enrichment: Internal - GWA Staff

Internal Enrichments are taught by GWA teachers and are free of charge.  As per the latest KHDA Back to School Guidelines #TogetherAgainDubai, our Enrichments can take place on campus. This is wonderful news and we look forward to taking a step closer to a more normal experience in our Enrichment Programmes. This will however have an impact on the numbers permitted to attend each club, depending on the club; numbers will be capped to ensure social distancing and covid protocols. The number allowed in each club is indicated on the schedules and club descriptions. 

Enrichment: Internal Paid - GWA Staff

Please note at the Academy we do offer some specialist activities that come as an additional cost to our parents. This fee covers specialist equipment, competition fees and materials required to run those clubs.

ESM Active: External Paid Activities - External Providers

GEMS World Academy - Dubai have teamed up with a sports management provider, ESM Active. ESM Active deliver a programme of additional activities which include; sport, science, languages, media and art. ESM Active and their external team is not free of charge and there is a cost for each activity. Places are not guaranteed; places are available on a first come, first served basis at the specific sign-up days allocated to our Academy.

ESM Active Families: External Free Activities - External Providers

ESM Active Families will be hosting a season of free community sports and learning events that you and your family can participate in.

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Enrichment Curriculum

As a leading International IB Academy‭, ‬we have created a bespoke Enrichment Curriculum that is used to support our students during their time with us and in their journey beyond GEMS World Academy‭. ‬

Much of the focus of the‭ ‬‘Mini’‭ ‬Enrichment Curriculum is on developing good language skills‭ , ‬gross motor skills and imaginative play‭. ‬Nursery rhymes‭, ‬songs‭, ‬poems help to develop oral language skills‭. ‬A range of fine motor activities are used to develop and strengthen pencil grip‭.  ‬Reading clubs expose our‭ ‬‘minis’‭ ‬to a range of books‭, ‬they can begin to practice comprehension strategies such as connecting to previous experiences and visualising as the teacher reads a variety of texts aloud‭. ‬They also explore rhythm and use a small number of instruments‭. ‬We aim to provide a strong foundation so the focus is on the child’s experience and developing links between these experiences and the world around them‭. ‬


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